Risk And Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance, or GRC for short, refers to a company’s coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and corporate compliance with regard to regulatory requirements.

Heightened standards and significant investments have increased the size and scope of responsibilities for risk and compliance functions. Expansion, diversification, mergers and acquisition often become a fertile ground for inefficiencies to risk and there is ample room for effectiveness while stabilizing or lowering costs. Often overlooked as success factors, risk management and regulatory compliance are intended to drive growth and act as enablers of business strategy. When implemented correctly, they not only create greater confidence, but also greater speed to value.  

Our Risk and Compliance consultants partner with management, board members and outside counsel to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements, respond to situations of noncompliance, and improve the processes around information systems supporting governance, risk and compliance. We help clients take a disciplined approach to managing credit, market and operational risks through a combination of assessments, process improvement, and model review and validation.